February 13, 2018

Wines of the Holy Monastery of Hilandar

Wines of the Holy Monastery of Hilandar were immediate occasion for organising wine dinner in restaurant Podrum Novi. This dinner took place on Thursday, 12th October 2017. About 40 eminent entrepreneurs and business people attended this dinner that was blessed by the abbot of Monastery Hilandar, Metodije the Archimandrite.
Mr.Milivoj Ranđić, director of the Hilandar Monastery Foundation and Hilandar Winery, held brief oration about history of wine making on Mount Athos and Hilandar.
Continuous tradition of wine making on Mount Athos lasts more then a millennium. In Hilandar, from its foundation in year 1198. until now, there hasn’t been one single year without wine production, in more or less volume, regarding the historical circumstances. Today’s contemporary winery and vineyards on Sava filed, established in year 2008, represent the continuation of that interrupted tradition; contribution of nowadays generations to its predecessors and entrusted mission.
About mentioned mission talked Abbot Metodije. New vineyard of 15 acres was planted and new modern winery was placed in rebuilt buildings from XIII century as a strategic activity in reviving monastery economy. All income from wine sale is a significant contribution to monastery refurbishment  and its future stability and preservation.
On this occasion, the exclusive olive oil was presented for the first time. This oil was made from olive tree that Dušan The Emperor planted during his stay at Mount Athos in period 1347-1348. There is only 2l of this olive oil available, and it will be auctioned for sale as one of many ways of donation to the monastery.
Our guests had a chance to taste three wines from Monastery Hilandar:
– Hilandar Ružica 2016, with cold appetizer, mackerel pate
– Hilandar 2012 with warp appetizer, octopus leg with vegetable salsa
– Savino polje 2010, with main course, salmon with avocado cream and integral rice